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Nifuroxazide is an oral nitrofuran antibiotic, patented since 1966 and used to treat colitis and diarrhea in humans and non-humans. 
 It is sold under the brand names Ambatrol, Antinal, Bacifurane, Diafuryl (France), Diax (Egypt), Nifrozid, Ercefuryl, Erfuzide (Thailand), Endiex (Slovakia), Ercefuryl (Czech Republic), Nifuroksazyd (Poland), P√©rabacticel (France), Pentofuryl (Germany), Topron (Latin America), Antinal (Egypt), Apazid (Morocco) and Septidiaryl. It is sold in capsule form and also as a suspension
The pharmaceutical group SmithKline Beecham claims that nifuroxazide is highly effective and the consumers' group Healthy Skepticism says that SmithKline Beecham's claims have no scientific support. 

Nifuroxazide is an antibacterial that is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Nifuroxazide is an effective therapy for acute diarrhea and can be prescribed from the onset of diarrhea without waiting for stool culture results which can be late or negative.

It is given orally in a dose of 800 mg daily in divided doses in the treatment of colitis and diarrhoea.
The treatment course is 5 - 7 days.

Side effects
Nifuroxazide has no side effects and is well tolerated. 

some effects may be occasionally observed:
Gastrointestinal disorders: short-term abdominal pain, nausea, aggravation of diarrhea.
Hypersensitivity reactions: (require discontinuation of the drug):
Respiratory disorders: asthma;
Skin disorders: rash, pruritus.



Mona EL said...

Thanks for the good information.
I wish I can find it in the usa.

Ana Burns said...

This is really working! Only 2 days in and i already feel much better.

Kristen Corson said...

I got this is in Egypt and it works WAY better than Immodium, it treated the pain and mucousy part of the diarrhea, not just stop me from using the bathroom like Immodium. I can't believe they don't sell this in the US, oh wait yes I can, you waste time and money at the dr's for a stool culture you have to pay for and a "speific" antibiotic when this is cheaper, faster, and effective.

xuanlocdoc said...

This is also a great medicine for diverticulosis when an attack has been precipatated by diet. The equvalent in the US (Flagyl and Biactin) are absolutely useless and very expensive. 3-5 days of 800mg/day and you
are cured. Buy it overseas and bring it home!!




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